Bio Picture Brandon Daniels
Bio Picture David Rice
General Manager / Music Director

David is well versed in all things Rock! He teaches bass, guitar and even drums now and then. David also directs most of Kansas City's concerts. He can be seen (and heard!) playing around KC in his amazing bands Monarch Slaves and County Line

Bio Picture Matt Yates
Piano, Guitar & Bass Instructor / Show Director

"The Doctor" is in and his name is Matt Yates.

Piano and Synth master, Bass Instructor, Show Director Extrordinaire!

Bio Picture Janelle Evans
Studio Coordinator
Bio Picture Kyle Cimino
Vocal /Guitar Instructor / Show Director

Kyle is a Kansas City legend at 21 years old. He was named KC's top rock guitarist by Banzai magazine last year and was a national finalist in Yamaha's 'Six String Theory' competition. You can catch Kyle performing around KC and the Midwest with his power trio 'CIMINO' and his country rock act - The County Line!

Bio Picture Abby Schubach
Little Wing / Rookies Director

Abby made her music debut by getting involved in musical theatre at the young age of 3, and since then, she hasn't been able to stop performing! After years of singing in various productions and choirs, she started playing guitar at age 8 and immediately fell in love. Adding to guitar and voice, she also enjoys to play the ukulele! She's been teaching at the Rock 'n' Roll Camp for Girls in Portland, Oregon every summer for 5 years, and is so excited to now be teaching at School of Rock!

Bio Picture Melissa Paavola
Vocal Instructor

Melissa is a top notch voice coach that can teach a variety of styles from rock to gospel and everything in between. You can catch her performing around the KC area fronting her band the Monarch Slaves!

Bio Picture Alex Bryan
Guitar Instructor

Alex "Ziggy" Bryan is the school's coolest cat. His students love his laid back, south-paw style. "Ziggy" creates monstrous kid guitarists!!!

Bio Picture Nico "Just Nico"
Drum and Vocal Instructor

Nobody can pronounce his real name so like 'Bono', 'Cher,' 'Kesha' and 'Meatloaf,' everybody just calls Nico, Nico. Catch 'Nico' and his electrifying Lawrence, Kansas based band 'Sidewise' on tour, or (if you're lucky) at a nightclub in the KC or Lawrence area!

Bio Picture James Wright
Guitar Instructor

James is truly the senior instructor of KC's School of Rock staff and turns out guitarists that are hotter than a two-dollar pistol. James is the 'guitarist's guitar player' and teacher!!!

Bio Picture Dillon Johnson
Drum Instructor

Dillon is a home grown KC drum instructor, a member of one of the world's best dance bands and about the finest & most accomlished performers that you will ever have the pleasure to hear!

Bio Picture Sebastian Anderson
Drum Instructor

Sebastian is the real thing. He plays and tours with Nigel Dupree, son of Jackyl's Jesse James Dupree. He is part of the amazing power trio CIMINO and many other performing groups in the KC area, and he is an accomplished drum instructor. So lucky to have a 'BASS' in the boat!

Bio Picture Trevor Brown
Guitar, Bass & Voice Instructor

Trevor has been around The School of Rock for many years as a student and perenial National All-Star. His experience, knowledge & multi-instrument talents make him the ideal substitute teacher! You're in good hands with Trevor!!!

Bio Picture Rich Andrews
Guitar and Bass Instructor

Rich is one KC's finest when it comes to guitar and bass instruction. His experience and expertise in rock n' roll turns out some of the finest guitarist/bassists in the KC area!

Bio Picture Joel Shipley
Bio Picture Thorin Pierce
Guitar & Vocal Instructor

Thorin is an alumni of the school of rock program and is well versed in all things metal as well as other genres of rock. He is the founder and guitarist for the progressive metal band “Haunting Skies”. He knows his way around a guitar as his passion for music lies in his fingertips!